Bone Hollow Studio

222 Bone Hollow Rd
Accord, NY
(845) 605-9550

Bone Hollow Studio is the meeting of rural tranquility and custom design.

A boutique development company.

Our work is founded on the belief that form and function are the sine qua non of a well-designed home.

Bone Hollow Studio is a woman-owned and operated development company. Our unique approach allows us to create custom homes that integrate the natural appeal of their locations. Our ultimate goal is to create a fusion of architecture, landscape, and interior design with the environment taking the lead. We focus on building sustainable homes with reduced life-cycle environmental impacts.

Our homes are characterized by restrained, neutral palettes and an elegant minimalism that allow details to shine. With our curated interiors, every element can build a dialogue. The outcome is a clean and modern space that is livable and warm.



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