John Fischer Photography


Photo prints are available on various mediums and are reasonably
priced.  I do not have a physical gallery, but I host my own events in
the area and participate in group events where I display my work, and
am easily accessible via Facebook, email, and phone if you want to
learn more.

I grew up in Tillson, and while I officially moved out long ago, and I
am nomadic at this point, I have rediscovered the area as an adult,
and I spend lots of time here, capturing new images of the area and
meeting people.   Ulster County is the heart of my photography

I have shot countless photos from around Ulster County, other parts of
New York, over 40 other states, and a few other countries as well.  My
photos are often an artistic perspective on scenes where there is a
clear human influence, whether it be a bridge, a road, a building, a
pathway, or whatever else piques my interest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

-John Fischer


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