Rondout Valley Growers Association 

PO Box 867
Stone Ridge, NY
(845) 626-1532

The Rondout Valley Growers Association is a farmer-led nonprofit organization, deeply rooted both in farming and in community. We are committed to celebrating, educating, and advocating about the importance of local farming. We work to inspire and engage the next generation in order to create a sustainable local food supply and strong agricultural fabric.

Mission – To strengthen our community and economy by supporting local agriculture.

Vision – A world nourished by local farms.


The Rondout Valley Growers Association strives to keep our farm community viable and profitable while protecting open space. We accomplish this by building awareness through educating the community, reinforcing the connections between people and agriculture through programs and activities that nurture our young, inspire engagement, cultivate knowledge, values and skills, and in turn promote jobs and careers in agriculture.


Our Office
Rondout Municipal Center
Room M-7
1915 Lucas Avenue
Cottekill, NY 12419



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