Taft Street Realty, Inc.

P.O. Box 763
Stone Ridge, NY

TaftStreetRealty.com is a new kind of web site from a new kind of brokerage serving the Ulster County home buyer of today, not yesterday. At your fingertips is the most complete, powerful, and user-friendly resource available anywhere for home-finding in the magnificent Hudson Valley and Ulster County real estate.This site was built from the ground up to give you one-click access to all the detailed listings, facts, and figures you need to find exactly the home you’ve been looking for.

Taft Street Realty was designed with a new kind of client in mind – the market-savvy client who knows how dramatically the real estate landscape has changed over the last 5 to 10 years. What used to work so well, both for buyers and sellers, is no longer sufficient. Brokers no longer are the ones who find properties they hope will please clients and then, if all goes well, mediate an agreement. Today, the Internet has become the number one source for real estate information, and the resulting pressure on brokers is immense. Buyers and sellers with access to the technology, and who have the time, can find virtually all the information they need to buy or sell without having to meet or even consult with a single agent. The bricks-and-mortar brokerage, and the people behind the desks there, are no longer perceived as the primary source of real estate information.

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